Buy List Policy
  • You must email or call to confirm our current needs. Phone: (503) 364-4263 Email:

  • Cards must be in MINT condition or they will be sent back at your expense.

  • There are no returns once we have paid for the cards. All transactions are final.

  • There are other items we may purchase. Don't hesitate to call or email to ask if we will buy an item.

  • U.S.P.S. (U.S. Postal Service) Priority Mail Confirmed is the best means to send us buy items.

  • We are not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail. **PLEASE BUY INSURANCE** For your own safety.

  • Having a verified account is helpful, as we transfer most funds this way.

  • Send Confirmed Buy Items To:
    Randy Muir
    Wild Things Games
    1288 State St
    Salem, OR 97301
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